What is Tendo Ministries?

Our Mission:

To connect the children of Uganda with resources of hope, education, and abundant life through sustainability projects and by making disciples of all nations.

Our Vision:

Tendo Ministries strives to aid the children of Uganda by providing them with opportunities to be self-sustaining. These include: building a chicken coop to provide eggs for nutrition and financial sustainability, setting up a water well system, and teaching children useful skills, like how to build structures, harvest crops, and make sellable merchandise. 

Our Name:

"Tendo" is the word for "praise" in Jinja's local language of Luganda.


In the summer of 2016, Tendo Ministries Team Member, Mika, met a small village girl named "Tendo". The two quickly formed a bond that surpassed any borders or barriers, and we knew that this young girl would be the inspiration of what God was going to do through the ministry. ​