Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Tendo Ministries Begin?

View the "Our Story" page here to learn about the foundation of Tendo Ministries!

Can I sponsor a child through Tendo Ministries?

Our sponsorship page is currently under construction and will be available again soon!

Do you accept volunteers and interns?

Absolutely! Fill out an interest application here.

How can I help from home?

There are many opportunities to help without ever leaving where you are:


Social Media Advocacy: through this, you can support our fundraising and awareness efforts by sharing our posts and sharing the connection you have with Tendo Ministries.


Pen-Pal: We would love to connect you, your kids, your Sunday school group, etc. to pen pals at our school here in Uganda. Our children cherish correspondence with others and get to work on their English skills through letter writing. 


Sponsoring/Coordinating A Fundraiser: Many volunteers have organized bake sales, car washes, and other fundraising events to help raise funds to assist Tendo Ministries in our various projects and outreach. We would love to have more individuals utilizing the support of their communities and connections to partner alongside us.

Partnering Churches: We can always use more prayers advocating on our behalf. We would love to partner with your church and prayer groups to continue to pray for the work God is doing in Uganda, not just in Tendo Ministries, but in our communities and villages here as well. 


Virtual Training: Having virtual conferences with pastors, teachers, doctors, community leaders, etc. is always a special way to connect. If you're a professional in your field with unique or helpful insight to

share, we'd love to hear more from you!


Supporting Uganda-Owned Small Businesses: We work alongside many individuals here in Uganda who own their own businesses who would love to share their products or services with you. Keep an eye out for these opportunities on our social media

*If you have any other ideas, simply reach out to us and we would love to hear them!

Where is Tendo Ministries physically located?

Tendo Ministries in Naminya, Uganda, as is our school, the Bonafide Tendo Junior School.

Do you have any job openings?

We currently do not have any job openings, but feel free to check our socials for updates.




*Any unanswered questions? Send us a message on social media, or send an email to!